Last Fugitive Apprehended: Sole Escapee from Georgia Jail Break in Recent Capture 2024-04-17 05:15:48

"The Last Escapee Apprehended: Final Member of Georgia Jail Break Captured After Month-Long Manhunt"

Authorities announced on Saturday that the last remaining inmate of the four men who escaped from a Georgia jail a month ago has been successfully apprehended. Joey Fournier, 52, was captured near Stockbridge, Georgia, just before noon, according to Bibb County Sheriff David Davis.

Fournier had been held at the Bibb County jail on a murder charge related to the 2022 death of his ex-girlfriend when he and his fellow inmates executed their daring escape. Sheriff Davis expressed gratitude for the capture, stating, "We are grateful that this last escapee has been captured."

The escape occurred on October 16 when Fournier, along with 24-year-old Marc Kerry Anderson, 37-year-old Johnifer Dernard Barnwell, and 29-year-old Chavis Demaryo Stokes, climbed out of a damaged window in a day room and fled through a cut fence. Surveillance footage revealed a blue Dodge Challenger waiting just outside the jail at 3 a.m. The abandoned Dodge was later discovered in Macon, approximately 80 miles southeast of Atlanta.

Stokes, detained for firearm possession and drug trafficking, was captured on October 26. Anderson, facing charges of aggravated assault, was apprehended on November 3, while Barnwell, held for federal narcotics charges, was caught on November 12. Barnwell and an alleged female accomplice are now facing federal charges.

Fournier, the last of the escapees, is expected to be returned to the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center later today. The capture marks the conclusion of a month-long manhunt that involved multiple agencies working to bring the escaped inmates back into custody.

"The conclusion of the month-long manhunt for the escaped inmates from the Bibb County jail in Georgia brings relief to authorities and the community alike. With the capture of Joey Fournier, the final member of the quartet, law enforcement can now close the chapter on this daring escape. The successful resolution highlights the collaborative efforts of multiple agencies involved in tracking down and apprehending the fugitives.

Sheriff David Davis expressed gratitude for the capture, emphasizing the significance of ensuring that those involved in serious criminal charges are back in custody. The escape, which occurred on October 16, triggered an extensive search operation, ultimately leading to the successful apprehension of all four escapees.

As the captured inmates, including Fournier, face the legal consequences of their escape and the charges that initially led to their incarceration, the community can now rest assured that these individuals are no longer at large. The conclusion of this escape saga underscores the dedication and effectiveness of law enforcement in maintaining public safety and upholding the integrity of the justice system."


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