Justice Served: Breakthrough Arrest in 2001 Cold Case Murder of UGA Law Student Tara Baker 2024-05-21 03:40:46

After 23 Years, Arrest Made in Cold Case Murder of UGA Law Student Tara Baker

Authorities have finally made a breakthrough in one of Georgia's most haunting cold cases. Edrick Lamont Faust, aged 48, stands accused of the murder of Tara Baker, a promising first-year law student at the University of Georgia. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced the arrest, charging Faust with murder alongside several related offenses.

Tara Louise Baker was a diligent student with a promising future," stated GBI Director Chris Hosey, reflecting on the tragic loss. "Though we cannot bring Tara back, this arrest marks a step towards closure for the Baker family in their journey of healing.

The investigation into Baker's murder began in January 2001 when Athens-Clarke County firefighters discovered her lifeless body in her apartment. Suspicions arose as the fire seemed intended to conceal the crime. Over the ensuing 23 years, a collaborative effort between the FBI, Athens-Clarke County Police Department, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation meticulously pursued justice.

The breakthrough came in September 2023 when the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Cold Case Unit, empowered by the newly enacted Coleman-Baker Act, uncovered crucial evidence leading to Faust's arrest. This legislation, named in honor of Tara Baker and fellow student Sue Coleman, mandated renewed efforts in cold case investigations.

Governor Brian Kemp, who signed the Coleman-Baker Act into law, hailed the arrest as a tribute to Tara's memory. Yet, for the Baker family, while this arrest brings long-awaited relief, it is also a reminder of enduring grief and lingering questions. As the legal proceedings unfold, the hope for closure persists, honoring Tara's legacy and the tireless pursuit of justice.

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