Tragedy Unfolds: Suspect Named in New Hampshire Hospital Shooting, AR-Style Rifle Discovered in Parking Lot 2024-04-17 06:29:28

"Tragedy Strikes: Suspect Identified in Fatal New Hampshire Hospital Shooting, AR-Style Rifle Discovered"

CONCORD, N.H. — A grim incident unfolded at the New Hampshire State Hospital in Concord, resulting in the tragic death of a security officer. Attorney General John Formella confirmed that the suspect in the shooting has been identified as 33-year-old John Madore. Madore, reportedly homeless, had recently stayed at a hotel on the Seacoast and later in Concord.

Following the shooting, law enforcement discovered a U-Haul truck idling in the hospital's parking lot. The bomb squad investigated the vehicle, determining it posed no public safety threat. Inside the truck, authorities uncovered an AR-style rifle, a tactical vest, and multiple rounds of ammunition. While Formella did not explicitly confirm a connection to Madore, the discovery raises alarming questions.

The security officer tragically killed in the incident was identified as 63-year-old Bradley Haas, a respected veteran of the Franklin Police Department and its former chief. Promptly responding to the shooting, a state trooper assigned to the hospital heroically shot and killed Madore. The trooper's identity will remain undisclosed until the investigation concludes.

Several individuals were present in the hospital lobby during the incident, though their roles as patients, staff, or visitors were not specified by Formella. Chief Haas, who dedicated 26 years to the Franklin Police Department and retired in 2008, continued his commitment to the community by serving as a security officer at the NH State Hospital.

Autopsies conducted on Madore and Haas revealed that both succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds. Governor Chris Sununu acknowledged the heroics of Bradley Haas, the bravery of the hospital staff, and the unwavering response of the New Hampshire State Police, emphasizing that the tragedy could have been far worse without their actions.

As investigations unfold, anyone with information related to the shooting or John Madore is urged to contact the New Hampshire State Police Major Crime Unit at 603-628-8477. The community grapples with the aftermath of this harrowing incident, reflecting on the sacrifice of those involved in preventing further harm.

"In Remembrance and Resolution: Conclusion to the New Hampshire Hospital Shooting Tragedy"

The New Hampshire State Hospital shooting, marked by the tragic loss of security officer Bradley Haas and the death of the suspect, John Madore, has left a community in grief. The incident, while devastating, showcased the heroics of those who responded swiftly – the New Hampshire State Police, the hospital staff, and especially Bradley Haas, whose selfless actions prevented further tragedy.

As autopsies reveal the extent of the injuries suffered by both Madore and Haas, the community mourns the loss of a dedicated public servant and reflects on the valor displayed in the face of danger. Governor Chris Sununu expressed gratitude for the bravery exhibited, emphasizing that the outcome could have been far more catastrophic without the swift and courageous response.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities seek information from the public to piece together the events leading to this heartbreaking incident. The focus now turns to honoring the memory of Bradley Haas and supporting the affected community. The echoes of this tragedy will linger, prompting a collective commitment to prevent such events in the future and uphold the safety and security of all.


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