D.C. Attorney General Takes Legal Action Against Curbio, Alleging Unfair Contracts Targeting Seniors 2024-04-20 11:49:09

"Legal Battle Unfolds: D.C. Attorney General Targets Curbio, Alleging Unfair Contracts Exploiting Seniors"

District of Columbia Attorney General Brian L. Schwalb has initiated legal action against home renovation company Curbio, accusing it of preying on financially vulnerable seniors and ensnaring them in exploitative contracts that could lead to financial devastation. The lawsuit alleges that Curbio, which specializes in rehabilitating homes for sale, targets seniors by offering renovations with deferred payment options until after the home is sold.

Curbio's marketing pitch touts quick and high-quality renovations, claiming properties renovated by the company spend fewer days on the market and yield a 200% average return on investment. However, the lawsuit contends that in reality, Curbio places liens on properties and engages in overcharging for subpar work, often causing extensive delays.

In a statement, Attorney General Schwalb emphasized the significance of homes as primary assets for many Washingtonians, especially the elderly, and condemned Curbio's alleged scheme as an unconscionable exploitation that jeopardizes financial stability.

One homeowner, Danielle Siler Tyler, shared a harrowing experience with Curbio, citing project delays, unfinished or poorly finished work, inflated prices, and a lack of concern for quality. Tyler described how Curbio turned her family's dream of moving into a nightmare.

In response to the legal action, Curbio vehemently denied the allegations, stating that the claims in the complaint are without merit and present a false narrative of the company and its services.

As the legal battle unfolds, the case sheds light on the potential risks seniors may face in contractual dealings with home renovation companies, emphasizing the need for consumer protection and scrutiny of industry practices.

"Curbio Faces Legal Firestorm: D.C. Attorney General Challenges Company's Defense"

Amid the legal battle between the District of Columbia Attorney General and Curbio, the home renovation company staunchly defended its reputation, asserting that the vast majority of its 200 projects in Washington, D.C., are completed and sold without issue. Curbio accused the Attorney General's office of cherry-picking isolated instances to construct a false narrative, emphasizing the positive experiences of the majority of its customers.

However, the Attorney General's office countered by presenting additional cases, including that of an 86-year-old homeowner and her grandson who entered into a $57,640 contract with Curbio. The company estimated a 45-day completion timeframe, but three months beyond the deadline, Curbio claimed the work was finished. Despite the customers' complaints of incomplete or unsatisfactory work, Curbio recorded a mechanic's lien against the property after an additional three months, allegedly to enforce the contract.

The lawsuit filed by the Attorney General seeks to declare Curbio's contracts void and unenforceable, prevent the company from imposing liens on properties where work was not performed, and obtain damages for affected customers. Notably, this legal action marks the first enforcement agency to challenge Curbio's practices on a nationwide scale.

As the legal battle unfolds, it underscores the broader implications for companies operating in the home renovation industry and the need for rigorous oversight to safeguard consumers, especially seniors, from exploitative practices.

In conclusion, the legal clash between the District of Columbia Attorney General and Curbio reveals a contentious dispute over the company's alleged exploitation of financially vulnerable seniors through unfair contracts. While Curbio vehemently defends its reputation, citing the success of the majority of its projects, the Attorney General's office presents compelling cases of elderly homeowners facing extended delays, incomplete work, and unfavorable contractual practices.

The lawsuit seeks significant remedies, including declaring Curbio's contracts void and unenforceable, preventing the imposition of liens on properties without completed work, and pursuing damages for affected customers. As the first enforcement agency to take nationwide legal action against Curbio, the Attorney General's office sets a precedent for increased scrutiny of home renovation companies' practices.

This legal battle underscores the broader need for consumer protection measures in the home renovation industry, particularly for vulnerable populations. It prompts a reevaluation of industry practices, emphasizing the importance of transparency, fair contractual terms, and timely completion of projects. As the case unfolds, its outcome will likely shape the regulatory landscape for companies operating in the home renovation sector, influencing standards that prioritize consumer welfare and prevent exploitative practices.


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