Behind the Feathers: ‘The Masked Singer’s’ Hawk Reveals Extraordinary BTS Precautions for Identity Concealment – ‘Can’t Show Any Skin’ 2024-04-20 12:54:17

"The Masked Singer" doesn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to keeping contestants’ identities under wraps, implementing meticulous measures to ensure no spoilers are leaked before eliminations. The journey from the car to the studio is orchestrated with precision, accompanied by strict clothing guidelines to maintain secrecy.

Tyler Posey, revealed as Hawk in the recent episode, shed light on the elaborate behind-the-scenes precautions. Contestants are enveloped in complete coverage, donning hoodies, masks, and gloves while being prohibited from wearing shorts or revealing any skin. The atmosphere, according to Posey, feels akin to being "the president of CIA," describing it as an electric and unique experience.

Despite the eccentricity of the show’s setup, Posey found the entire process to be a lot of fun. As a musician himself, he joined Season 10 for mostly personal reasons, drawn to the thrill of performing on stage and embracing weird, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

The secrecy surrounding the show didn’t make Posey nervous about accidentally revealing his participation to loved ones. He played a little inner game, relishing in the mystery when interacting with friends and family. Despite a few moments where he had to carefully navigate inquiries about his work, Posey enjoyed the thrill of keeping it all a secret, eagerly anticipating the moment when his friends and family would finally see his masked alter ego on "The Masked Singer."

Tyler Posey has become the sixth celebrity to bid farewell to "The Masked Singer," joining the ranks of previously eliminated contestants including Demi Lovato, Anthony Anderson, Tom Sandoval, Michael Rapaport, and Billie Jean King. Despite being an "open book" in his own words, Posey, known for his leading role on MTV’s "Teen Wolf," assumed his devoted fans would easily identify him based on the clue packages, particularly the recurring motif of the "full moon."

In the secretive world behind the scenes, Posey shared a fascinating tidbit – the significant costumes used in the franchise are showcased like prized trophies on the set. While his Hawk getup might not have earned a spot among them, Posey humorously suggested the perfect place for it: the Smithsonian Museum. His lighthearted remark adds a playful touch to the quirky and entertaining world of "The Masked Singer."

In conclusion, Tyler Posey’s stint on "The Masked Singer" came to an end as the sixth celebrity to be eliminated, joining a roster of notable personalities who have faced the same fate. Despite being known as an "open book," Posey’s assumption that his diehard fans would easily recognize him based on clues, including the recurring theme of the "full moon" from his role on "Teen Wolf," proved to be a misjudgment in the masked world of the show.

Behind the curtain, Posey shared a glimpse into the unique atmosphere on set, where significant costumes from the franchise are displayed like cherished trophies. With his Hawk getup, he humorously suggested the Smithsonian Museum as the perfect spot, adding a playful touch to the quirky and entertaining nature of "The Masked Singer." As Posey takes his leave, the show continues to captivate audiences with its blend of mystery, music, and unexpected celebrity reveals.


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