Record-Breaking Debut: Cowboys' Rookie Kicker Brandon Aubrey Sets NFL Milestone for Consecutive Made Field Goals 2024-04-17 05:36:57

In a remarkable feat, Dallas Cowboys rookie kicker Brandon Aubrey has etched his name in NFL history by breaking the record for the most consecutive made field goals to start a career. The 28-year-old has successfully converted all 19 of his field-goal attempts, surpassing the previous record of 18 set in 2015 by Travis Coons of the Cleveland Browns.

Aubrey's debut season with the Cowboys has brought much-needed stability to the kicker position, which has seen a revolving door of players since the departure of Pro Bowler Dan Bailey in 2018. The franchise has cycled through Brett Maher, Kai Forbath, and Greg Zuerlein, but Aubrey's stellar performance suggests the team may have found a long-term solution at the position.

The rookie's latest achievement came in Week 8, where he made two crucial field goals from distances of 58 and 27 yards during the Cowboys' 43-20 victory over the Los Angeles Rams. Aubrey's 58-yarder not only secured his place as the NFL's all-time record-holder for consecutive made field goals at the start of a career but also marked the longest field goal made by a rookie this season and the longest since 2019.

In recognition of his outstanding performance, Aubrey was named the NFC Special Teams Player of the Week for Week 8 and also earned the prestigious NFC Special Teams Player of the Month honors for flawlessly converting all eight of his field-goal attempts without a miss.

Remaining humble amidst his record-breaking success, Aubrey expressed his focus on the task at hand, stating, "I just want to go out there and make my kicks, so I'm not really concerned with much other than doing that." With his impressive start, Aubrey has not only solidified his place in the Cowboys' lineup but has also become a rising star in the NFL, showcasing his talent and composure on the field.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy lauded rookie kicker Brandon Aubrey's resilience and performance, particularly highlighting a crucial field goal following a sack in a recent game. McCarthy emphasized the importance of complimentary football and praised Aubrey's high-level performance, noting that he is consistently excelling in stroking the ball.

Aubrey's journey to the NFL reflects an unusual but successful trajectory. Despite being a mature rookie at the age of 28, he brings a wealth of experience from his professional sports career. Hailing from Plano, Texas, Aubrey played college soccer at Notre Dame as a defender, showcasing his athletic prowess with 15 goals in 76 games. His soccer skills earned him a first-round draft selection to Major League Soccer in 2017, where he played for Toronto FC. However, his MLS tenure concluded in 2018.

In 2022, Aubrey transitioned to football, specifically as a kicker, a move that swiftly paid off. He became the top kicker for the Birmingham Stallions in the United States Football League (USFL), connecting on 14 of 15 field goals and all 35 extra points, contributing to the team's championship victory in 2023. Aubrey's impressive USFL performance caught the attention of the Dallas Cowboys, who signed him and subsequently released Tristan Vizcaino.

Since joining the Cowboys, Aubrey has maintained perfection on field goals, making all 16 attempts, including a game-winning kick from 39 yards in the team's Week 6 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers on "Monday Night Football." Reflecting on his transition to the NFL, Aubrey expressed a sense of maturity, stating, "I feel like I didn't come in as a rookie. I feel more like a sophomore having played in the USFL for a couple of years."

Aubrey's readiness for the challenges of professional sports stems from his diverse experiences, contrasting his earlier MLS rookie year with his current NFL journey. As a kicker, he emphasizes the similarity in the operational aspects of the game while acknowledging the heightened maturity and preparedness he brings to his role in the NFL. Aubrey's unique path underscores his adaptability and the value of his multifaceted sports background in making a significant impact in the world of professional football.

As the 2023 NFL season kicked off, Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy found himself heaping the highest praise upon rookie kicker Brandon Aubrey, drawing parallels to the esteemed Mason Crosby in his early years. Crosby, a veteran with 16 seasons under his belt, left an indelible mark on the Green Bay Packers as their all-time leading scorer, field goals made, and extra points made.

In the aftermath of the Cowboys' victory over the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 6, McCarthy effusively commended Aubrey's performance, noting the rookie's ability to consistently crush it on the field. McCarthy, who coached Crosby during his tenure with the Packers, expressed admiration for Aubrey's exceptional start, a sentiment amplified by the fact that the veteran coach had not witnessed a kickoff quite like this in his coaching career.

Aubrey's approach to his record-breaking success is grounded in a simple, focused mindset. The 28-year-old kicker, when asked about his impressive start and record-setting achievements, downplayed the historic significance, emphasizing his commitment to the task at hand and his reluctance to dwell on historical milestones.

Even Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott joined the chorus of accolades, affectionately dubbing Aubrey as "Butter Aubrey." Praising the rookie's smooth and consistent performance, Prescott highlighted Aubrey's athletic background, having excelled in soccer and the USFL before transitioning to the NFL. The quarterback's appreciation for Aubrey's journey stems from their shared history, as Aubrey's kicking coach, Brian Egan, was not only a close friend of Prescott but also his teammate at Mississippi State.

Aubrey, unfazed by the newfound nickname, expressed gratitude for Prescott's positive sentiments. The moniker, "Butter Aubrey," symbolizes the kicker's seamless and composed approach to his role on the team. As the rookie continues to make waves in the NFL, his journey from soccer to the USFL and now to the Cowboys exemplifies a remarkable narrative of adaptability and success in professional sports.

In a twist of fate and the interconnected web of professional sports, Brandon Aubrey sheds light on the serendipitous connection that brought him to work with Dak Prescott's college roommate and best friend, Brian Egan. Aubrey, now making waves as the rookie kicker for the Dallas Cowboys, shares the backstory of their collaboration.

With no substantial prior relationship with Prescott, Aubrey's introduction to Egan, who serves as his kicking coach, was rooted in a tech-savvy approach. Aubrey, a software engineer by day, turned to a straightforward online search when seeking a kicking coach in the Dallas area. Egan's name quickly surfaced at the top of the search results, a testament to his effective search engine optimization (SEO).

Their training partnership began three months into Aubrey's stint as a software engineer, marking the commencement of a unique dual life—juggling the demands of a regular job while honing his skills as a kicker. This unconventional arrangement persisted for three years, spanning from 2019 to 2021, providing a solid foundation for Aubrey's proficiency as a kicker. It wasn't until the USFL presented an opportunity in 2022 that Aubrey's dedication to training under Egan culminated in a successful transition to professional football.

Aubrey's narrative underscores the unpredictability of sports trajectories and the significant role personal connections can play in shaping an athlete's journey. From a chance online search to a three-year collaboration with Egan, Aubrey's story showcases the dynamic interplay between career pursuits, athletic aspirations, and the fortuitous connections that can shape a player's trajectory in professional sports.

In conclusion, Brandon Aubrey's journey to becoming the rookie kicker for the Dallas Cowboys is a testament to the unpredictable and interconnected nature of professional sports. The serendipitous link between Aubrey and Dak Prescott's college roommate and best friend, Brian Egan, serves as a pivotal chapter in his story. Aubrey's pragmatic approach to finding a kicking coach through an online search, coupled with Egan's effective search engine optimization, initiated a training partnership that seamlessly blended with his day job as a software engineer.

This unconventional dual life persisted for three years, symbolizing Aubrey's dedication to honing his kicking skills while navigating the demands of a regular profession. The narrative takes an unexpected turn when the opportunity to play in the USFL arises in 2022, providing the culmination of Aubrey's training under Egan and marking the transition to a successful career in professional football.

Aubrey's story highlights the significance of personal connections and the role they play in shaping an athlete's trajectory. From chance encounters to dedicated training, his journey underscores the intricate dance between career pursuits and athletic aspirations. As Aubrey continues to make waves in the NFL, his unique path exemplifies the resilience and adaptability required to navigate the dynamic landscape of professional sports.


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