Leadership Shake-Up: CEO of DeSantis Super PAC Resigns, Signaling Changes Ahead 2024-04-20 11:55:59

"Leadership Upheaval: CEO of DeSantis Super PAC Resigns Amidst Campaign Turmoil"

Chris Jankowski, the CEO spearheading the primary super PAC championing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' presidential aspirations, has submitted his resignation. In an exclusive confirmation to CBS News, Jankowski revealed that his departure from the Never Back Down PAC was immediate, a development initially brought to light by The New York Times.

This abrupt exit unfolds against a backdrop of escalating discord between the PAC and key figures within DeSantis' campaign, notably exacerbated by a recent misstep. Attack ads targeting former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley, orchestrated by the PAC, reportedly backfired in polling, intensifying tensions between the PAC and DeSantis' campaign brass, according to sources cited by NBC News.

The fissures in strategy reached a boiling point during a recent meeting at the super PAC's Atlanta headquarters, where a heated exchange between Never Back Down strategist Jeff Roe and long-time supporter Scott Wagner escalated into a shouting match. Criticism of the super PAC's management style has also emerged from DeSantis allies.

While Governor DeSantis has centered his campaign efforts on Iowa, he finds himself consistently trailing former President Donald Trump in polls and engaged in a competitive battle with Haley for the second position. Jankowski, in his resignation statement to CBS News, expressed the untenability of delivering on the shared goal amid the current environment, extending beyond mere strategic differences.

In a bid to realign campaign dynamics, a new external entity named Fight Right has emerged, created by three Florida allies of the governor. This group recently allocated nearly $1 million for ads in Iowa, strategically targeting Haley, according to AdImpact and Federal Election Commission records. The evolving landscape underscores the intricate dynamics at play as DeSantis navigates the complex realm of super PAC influence while striving to secure a prominent position in the presidential race.

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